ARAGOSTA is a performance commissioned by the italian dance company Balletto di Sardegna. The brief was to respond to the work and life of italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, best known for the ‘invention’ of shocking pink and for her connection with the surrealists in Paris. The approach I chose was to borrow some of the creative processes and interests of Schiaparelli’s fashion and apply them to the performer’s moving body and voice. (Moreno)


Unique and unlike anything you’ve seen.

(Aktina Stathaki,


  • Choreography: Moreno Solinas
    Dancers: Francesca Assiero Brà, Anna Paola Della Chiesa, Rachele Montis
    Production: ASMED
  • Supported by: Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Autonomous Region of Sardinia (ITALY)