Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas are two London-based artists making and presenting dance performances across Europe and internationally. They first met in 2006; later they trained together at the London Contemporary Dance School (The Place) where they started collaborating. Igor and Moreno collaborate since 2007, co-founding BLOOM! dance collective in 2009 and their own company in 2012. They are currently both associated artists of The Place (London) and TIR danza (Italy).

Igor and Moreno make work about people and what makes us such special animals. Their work is characterised by their interest in the moving body and the immediacy of action as a vehicle for meaning, ideas and desires. Igor and Moreno want to reclaim the role of the theatre as a place for assembly whilst exploring the cathartic properties of live performance. Across all their works they have always tried to create a frame to share their views without dictating a single reading, instead creating space for reflection for the viewer.


Igor and Moreno have presented their works extensively in Europe and also in the USA and Chile. In 2010 CITY by BLOOM! dance collective – their first major work – premiered and received the Rudolf Laban Award 2010 in Budapest and was awarded an artist residency by Prix Jardin d’Europe (Brussels / Istanbul). In 2011 the work got selected for the Aerowaves Priority list.
TAME GAME (2011) and The End Is Near (2012) where both works in which they explored the individual’s place within an ever changing world. TAME GAME was nominated for the Rudolf Laban Award 2011 and – being selected for Vetrina Giovane Danza D’Autore 2014/15 (Anticorpi XL) -introduced them to the Italian dance scene, allowing them to tour extensively the Country.
In 2013 Igor and Moreno premiered Idiot-Syncrasy –  their first choreographic venture as a duo – which is a work about commitment and perseverance exploring dance as an agent for change. Idiot-Syncrasy was well received by both audience and press and was nominated for the National Dance Awards 2015, the Total Theatre Awards 2015, it was selected for the Aerowaves Priority list in 2015 and for the 2015 British Council’s biennial Edinburgh Showcase.
Their latest work A Room For All Our Tomorrows premiered in May 2015 and was selected for the 2016 biennial British Dance Edition.

Igor and Moreno are also amongst the founding members of Hiru Dance Org, a collective created with the aim of curating and disseminating dance across the home countries of its members. In 2012 Hiru curated a week of performance in an empty unit at a shopping centre and for that it was selected as a nominee for  the ’h.Club100′ by Time Out London in a search of the most entrepreneurial, influential and innovative people in the creative media in England.

On his own, Moreno has created the solos URANUS and Life Is A Carnival, the latter commissioned for The Place Prize and later selected for Aerowaves 2013. He also choreographed for Balletto di Sardegna and as part of the Stroke Odysseys project.
Igor danced Basque folk and worked as an actor in theatre and film as well; he starred in Hansel & Gretel, a short film created for the BBC and nominated for the BAFTA awards. He is most attracted to what happens before the word comes and focuses in the one thing we all share: a body.

List of works

  • BEAT (2019)
  • Limited Celestial Space (2019)
  • Andante (2017)
  • A Room For All Our Tomorrows (2015)
  • Idiot-Syncrasy (2013)
  • URANUS (2012)
  • Life Is A Carnival (2012)
  • SOS (working title)
  • Canzoni (working title)
  • Karrasekare (working title)
  • Frau (working title)
  • Andante Sul Mare (2019)
  • The End Is Near (2012)
  • TAME GAME (2011)
  • CITY (2010)
  • Pulsar (London, 2020)
  • NOS (Mexico City, 2019)
  • BEATS (Reggio Emilia, 2019)
  • Blur (Coventry, 2017)
  • Body Body Body Body Body Body Body (Amsterdam, 2017)
  • La Maravillosa Enfermedad De Ser Humanos (Santiago de Chile, 2017)
  • Wolves Will Be Watching (London, 2015)
  • Projections (Birmingham, 2015)
  • ARAGOSTA (Cagliari, 2014)
  • Folies à Huit (London, 2014)
  • Seize The Day (London, 2013)
  • Under The Cobblestones Lies The Beach (London, 2013)
  • Richard’s Got Talent (London, 2011)
  • Back To Back (London, 2011)