Wolves Will Be Watching


Wolves Will Be Watching was created as part of the London Contemporary Dance School Graduation performances in June/July 2015.

The work channels the feelings of uncertainty and excitement of the moments just before stepping on stage, starting a new chapter or deciding which path to take at the crossroads of our lives.

This work was generated thanks to this particular group of people coming together. Igor and Moreno offered a series of frameworks and stimuli and the performers offered their own knowledge and creativity; together we want to celebrate our bodies, our minds, our strengths and our fragility.

References include Guy Bourdin, John Waters, David La Chapelle, Cindy Sherman, David Hoyle, The Annoying Orange a nd World Press Photo exhibitions.



The eight dancers […] do not hold back. Neither do Igor and Moreno in their uncompromising onslaught on the senses — not least on the sense of humour — and they are helped in this by the visual éclat of the costumes by Sophie Bellin Hansen. […]
For the audience the work blows apart the formality of the graduation evening and gives us space to delight in all the elements and ideas the work brings to the stage. Igor and Moreno have given a gift to the dancers and through the dancers a gift to the audience‘ Full review

  • Concept and direction: Moreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai
    Devised and performed by:Amarnah Amulundun, Antonin Chediny, Ben Eagles, Fadi Eid, Laura Lorenzi, Lucie Mazzi, Jack Sergison and Ania Varez
  • Costume design and making: Sophie Bellin Hansen
  • Lighting Designer: Mickie Mannion
  • Music: オレンシャーシャー (ヌンチャク); Hang On Little Tomato (Pink Martini); with additional devised soundscapes.
  • Thanks: Lola Maury, Seth Rook Williams, Eleanor Sikorski and all the production team who helped along the way.