URANUS is a performance for body and voice. Love and sex, need and fear, spirit and fluid. Entertains the audience with song and performance, then sets them a challenge they weren’t expecting.


URANUS, performed by Moreno Solinas […] is striking, beautiful and frankly bizarre and by far the highlight of the night. […] Playfully, with equal intensity and precision, Solinas shifts between the beautiful, the erotic, and the rude. […] The interaction and nudity in such close proximity might be considered excessively challenging and invasive, but executed with such control and strength it was nothing short of astonishing.

(Rohanne Udall, Exeunt Magazine)

URANUS is both witty and challenging and performed with utter confidence

(Howard Loxton, the British Theatre Guide)

URANUS is an exercise in control, constructed so that Solinas draws the focus of the audience’s gaze across his body precisely, transforming the scale at which we watch. […] Solinas controls our journey across a thin edge between amusement, beauty, discomfort, distaste and disgust

(Alice Mackenzie, Bellyflop Mag)

  • Created & Performed by: Moreno Solinas
  • Music (sung live by Moreno Solinas): Nessun Dorma, Turandot, Giacomo Puccini; Io so che ti amerò, Antonio Carlos Jobim / De Moraes / Sergio Bardotti / Vinícius de Moraes; A Diósa, Salvatore Sini; & artist’s own composition
  • Commissioned by: Hiru Dance Organisation for The Public House 2012.
  • Special thanks: Igor Urzelai.