Andante Sul Mare

Andante Sul Mare is a site-specific version of Igor x Moreno’s work Andante. It is an invitation to pause, to slow down, to notice how time passes and our attention fluctuates. It is a moment we spent together without the need of saying anything. It is at once a celebration and an antidote to spectacle. It is a call from the sea and a gathering call; a slow distancing from the shore, imagining what it might mean to disappear in the depths, or reaching towards who’s on the other side.
Directed by: Moreno Solinas, Igor Urzelai
Devised with: Giorgia Ohanesian Nardin, Eleanor Sikorski
Performed by: Fionn Cox-Davis, Margherita Elliot, Moreno Solinas, Igor Urzelai
Dramaturg: Simon Ellis
Sound Compositon: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Voice Coach: Melanie Pappenheim
Producer: Sarah Maguire
Site-specific version commissioned by: Festival Cinema Delle Terre Del Mare
Co-produced by: Igor and Moreno, The Place e TIR Danza