BEAT Forward – x Collettivo MINE



BEAT Forward marks the collaboration between Igor x Moreno and Collettivo Mine. This new creation stems from the reworking of BEAT, a work originally created as a solo for Margherita Elliot in 2019.


BEAT Forward is a work in which the original choreography is reinvented and multiplied in the bodies of the five performers, Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Siro Guglielmi, Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis and Silvia Sisto.Accompanied by a techno music soundtrack, BEAT Forward is a celebration of the pleasure of dancing to a pulse, where the energy rises in intensity and the sensations, shared between performers and spectators, transform.

The movement vocabulary focuses on non-verbal communication, using and modeling it choreographically. The audience observes the transformations of the performers – the gestures, the nods, the posture, the facial expression. The choreography ranges from the movement of the whole body to the smallest details, from the abstract to the expressive, creating a rapid sequence of images, constantly upsetting the reading and interpretation of the beholder and creating a hypnotic effect.

BEAT forward is a research on how we identify and how we relate, on how we recognize ourselves or not in others and on how we are able to project multiple images of ourselves.



  • Direction: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas
  • Assistant director: Margherita Elliot
  • In collaboration with: Collettivo Mine
  • Performed by and developed with: Francesco Saverio Cavaliere, Siro Guglielmi, Fabio Novembrini, Roberta Racis, Silvia Sisto
  • Music: various authors (mix: Igor Urzelai)
  • Costumes: Rebecca Ihle
  • Light design: Mattia Bagnoli
  • Organization: Elisa Godani / Davide Pisano
  • Promotion: Jean-François Mathieu
  • Production: S’ALA, Fabbrica Europa
  • In collaboration with:
    • Amat and Comune di Pesaro within RAM – Residenze Artistiche Marchigiane
    • and with Teatro Calderón Valladolid as part of the festival #meetyou 202


…impudico alla maniera di Michael Clark, in parte punk e con tocchi ironici che si scatenano in un secondo tempo di improvvisazioni. […] è il piacere del ritmo, del corpo libero, dello scatenarsi in libertà in una forma 2.0. I MINE di BEAT Forward sono un po’ come i Maneskin della danza contemporanea: quando ti salta il tic, ti fai prendere dal beat.”