Limited Celestial Space


Limited Celestial Space is an installation developed out of our performance Andante. It extends our interest in minimalism and perception, and in creating sensorially rich non-narrative choreographies.

As we prepared to extend and re-think Andante for the Lowry Gallery, we became interested in how the word temple refers to a special space, cut out or marked for observation. We imagine Limited Celestial Space to be this kind of ‘special space’, marked for a contemplative experience, but not necessarily a comfortable one.

There are two rooms to visit and stay as long as you would like. One is limited; it is limited by sound, light, smell, and smoke. The other is unlimited; it is unlimited by your presence and curiosity. We like to think of you as protagonists in something choreographic: in which your movement and stillness are framed and shaped by the architectural environment.

I love our places
when the fog hides them;
when it doesn’t let me see
what they hide.

It is then that I begin to discover what’s inside
those places that begin to emerge inside me.

— Gure Bazterrak, Joxan Artze


Limited Celestial Space is created by choreographers Igor x Moreno with long-term collaborators Alberto Ruiz Soler (sound), Seth Rook Williams (light), KASPERSOPHIE (set and costume), Simon Ellis (dramaturge), Alessandro Gualtieri (perfumer) and Sarah Maguire (producer)

Commissioned by The Lowry, funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and with further support from Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs Embassy of Spain