BEATS is a choreographic study created with the dancers of MM Contemporary Dance Company  as part of the project Prove D’Autore, organised by Anticorpi XL network and coordinated by Associazione Cantieri.

BEATS was created in 10 days of work and based of the choreographic research of BEAT, Igor and Moreno’s solo work – created in collaboration with and performed by Margherita Elliot.

BEATS is a experiment on how solo choreographic material can be re-imagined for a group. The work on performativity was directed towards establishing a strong connection between performers and audience, practicing a present and permeable gaze and thinking of dance as moment of communication as opposed to pure expression.

BEATS is a choreography which seeks abstraction. Any reference to real life gestures or situations is no intended.


  • Choreography: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas
  • Choreography Assistant: Margherita Elliot
  • Performers: Emiliana Campo, Fabiana Lonardo, Martina Piacentino, Nicola Stasi, Giuseppe Villarosa
  • Music: Sama Abdulhadi, Riverside Festival Museum stage closing set