The End Is Near


Playfully moving between ideas of self and other, character and performer, human and superhuman, real and fantasy, language and non-language, understanding and non-understanding, The End Is Near unmasks the many guises of the modern day hero in a show that is equal parts profound and trashy.

New. Better. Tastier.

Using only organically sourced ingredients.

May contain traces of nuts.



BLOOM!’s piece is a witty game, its images – without any sloppy pathos – can talk about deep human contents.’

(Tamás Halász,

A clean, pleasingly unpredictable take on the modern day super hero, which was by turns funny and astute.’



  • Created & Performed by: Dányi Viktória, Molnár Csaba, Jamila Johnson-Small, Moreno Solinas, Igor Urzelai, Tamara Szofia Vadas.
  • Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
  • Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams
  • Costume Consultant: Kate Forbes
  • Costume Making: Gabriella Szerencsés
  • Production & Tour Manager: Rácz Anikó
  • Supported by:  

With thanks to: Joaquin Rodriguez Sanpedro, Pablo Barrio, Shay Hamias and everyone who helped us on the way.