CAN’T (working title)


CAN’T started from questioning what it means to be part of a generation that was brought up with a sense of endless possibilities. It departed from using personal limitations and areas of incompetence as a creative triggers and investigating how to overcome them with joy, unashamedness and resourcefulness. That led to an ongoing research about self identity and social recognition. 

One person. On the spot. Reinventing herself (or himself?) over and over.

CAN’T is a work-in-progress.


  • Inside: Margherita Elliot
  • Outside: Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas
  • Supported by: Workshop Foundation (Budapest), Dantzagunea (San Sebastian), l’Animal a l’esquena (Celrà), BAD Festival (Bilbao) and The Point (Eastleigh)