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Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas are two London-based dance artists. They started creating stage works collaboratively in 2007, co-founding ‘BLOOM! dance collective’ in 2009 and ‘Igor and Moreno’ in 2012.

Igor and Moreno have presented their works extensively in Europe and also in the USA and Chile, with recognition from both audiences and professionals: in 2010 they won the Rudolf Laban Award and special mention at Prix Jardin d’Europe; they were an Aerowaves Priority company in 2011, 2013 and 2015; most recently they have been nominated for the National Dance Awards 2015, the Total Theatre Awards 2015 and selected for Anticorpi XL network/Vetrina Giovane Danza D’Autore 2014, Premio Equilibrio 2014, the British Dance Edition 2016, British Council Showcase 2015 and NID Platform 2015 and 2017.

Igor and Moreno are currently associate artists of The Place (Work Place scheme) and TIR Danza.


Igor and Moreno make work about people and what makes us such special animals. Their work is characterised by their interest in the moving body and the immediacy of action as a vehicle for meaning, ideas and desires.

Across all their works they have always tried to create a frame to share their views without dictating a single reading, instead creating space for reflection for the viewer. They want to reclaim the role of the theatre as a place for assembly and exploring the cathartic properties of live performance.




Duration: 75 minutes
Number of people on stage: 4
Number of people on the road: 6/7
Freight: 4 x 23kg suitcases
Technical rider: Click Here To Download
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It is very rare to experience something definitively new at a dance event. Yet Igor Urzelai and Moreno Solinas have possibly scored a first by commissioning a professional perfumer, Alessandro Gualtieri, to create a playlist of smells to accompany their latest work.

“The four dancers move on to the stage and combine in a slow mesmerically patterned ensemble, gently humming and singing as they move. It’s a simple but rather beautiful way of uniting sight and sound, for when the movement becomes more energetic, so do the vocals…”

“…a truly interesting experiment…”

Judith Mackrell, THE GUARDIAN

“Andante is a piece about contemplation, about switching off and allowing the senses to take over.”
“…a fascinating piece of conceptual art and one that unabashedly rejects the conventions of dance.”

Josephine Leask, DANCETABS.COM

“Igor and Moreno, that plucky duo, certainly took a risk when they came up with the idea for Andante. It is, as they tell us, an exploration in perception as they invite us, the audience, to connect with our senses, including – and I’ve never seen this in a dance show before – our sense of smell.”
Debra Craine, THE TIMES

“It takes skill and development to produce work of this richness and complexity from such unfussy movement.”
“The show is a meditation on time and attention; on observation and obscured perception. The overwhelming sense is that something is being communicated to you so fundamentally obvious and profound that it is almost impossible to comprehend what it is until and unless you just allow your consciousness to absorb it.”
“Oh, the smoke: billowing white clouds of spicy, intoxicating smoke that engulfs the audience and transforms the performers to strange, elusive presences in an alien dream world.”
“Who knows how it may evolve, but it already feels like a significant piece of genre-shifting new dance.”



Duration: 55 minutes
Number of people on stage: 2
Number of people on the road: 3/5
Freight: 90 kg wooded crate to be shipped + 1 x 20kg suitcase – for overseas touring the set can be built on site
Technical rider: Click here to download
Full film:
(*to get the password please contact

‘The depth and range of emotions that this singular piece provokes within me is astounding.’
Jake Orr

‘Sent everyone home infused with a greater degree of humorous compassion for their own relationships. It was a pure, unadulterated delight’

‘it was BRILLIANT. And VISCERAL. […] You know the best thing about ‘visceral’? IT DOESN’T HAVE TO MEAN ANYTHING. You just feel it.’
Megan Vaughan


Duration: 60 minutes
Number of people on stage: 2
Number of people on the road: 3/5
Freight: 2 x 20kg suitcases
Technical rider: Click Here To Download
Full film:
(*to get the password please contact


“Unmissable! A simple but immersive performance that defies all initial expectations and explanations.”

”This has to be one of the most stunning, innovative, bold, daring, clever, funny and sexy shows I have seen in years […] It knocks the spots off every other show I have seen during the Fringe 2015.”

“Idiot-Syncrasy feels very human. More than that: humane. […] I left feeling an expanded person.”


Duration: 14 minutes
Number of people on stage: 1
Number of people on the road: 2
Freight: N/A
Full film:

”URANUS, performed by Moreno Solinas […] is striking, beautiful and frankly bizarre and by far the highlight of the night. […] Playfully, with equal intensity and precision, Solinas shifts between the beautiful, the erotic, and the rude. […] The interaction and nudity in such close proximity might be considered excessively challenging and invasive, but executed with such control and strength it was nothing short of astonishing.”
(Rohanne Udall, Exeunt Magazine)

”URANUS is both witty and challenging and performed with utter confidence”
(Howard Loxton, the British Theatre Guide)


Duration: 20 minutes
Number of people on stage: 1
Number of people on the road: 2
Freight: 1 x 32 kg suitcase
Technical rider: Click here to download
Full film:

”It’s difficult to write about Moreno Solinas’s Life is a Carnival without giving away the sweet surprise that is the centre of the work’s presentation. [Solinas’] self-performed solo deals entertainingly with the weighty themes of essence, identity and the death of selfhood, without becoming either pretentious or cheesey. The tricky balance of depth and sparkle is well-executed by the charming Solinas, who brings a lovely singing voice and sizzling rhythms to the piece.”
(Lise Smith,

”[…] Solinas was able to craft a piece that showed humour and joy, vitality and strength, yet also a deep and crushing sadness. I was struck by the flow of the piece, which from start to finish was eloquently crafted to achieve a strong emotional reaction. […] The salsa-inspired solo found a good balance, and was engaging from beginning to end.”
(Erin Johnson,


Igor and Moreno are available for:
– taking on commissions to create performance (companies and student groups)
– teaching creative workshops (from half-day to 1 week)
– technique  classes (1,5-2 hours)

– master classes or production specific sessions (2-4 hours)

– leading ‘Daily Dances’ sessions: day-long workshop looking at the meeting point between dance and everyday life

– post- and pre-show discussions

– audience warm-ups
– speaking as part of panel discussions or lectures